Kissing the Reef

Maybe you can detect the lighter blue channel in the foreground where you are supposed to get out. I missed it.

“Let’s be honest. Coral cuts can be really cool, but only when the pains gone and the cut’s heeled up. A badge of honor.” Surfer blog.

I return to Cape Zampa to dive. The sea is still boisterous but I am with companions who leap in  sans souci. Amazing dive etc  until it is time to get out. There is a deep water channel that you glide along until you spring penguin-like onto the shore. I miss it and end up on a bank of coral. As I struggle to my feet a wave crashes into my back knocking me over and rolling me along the coral. With typical lack of forethought I am wearing a short-legged wet suit and no gloves. I old-man-like try to get upright in the maelstrom – not so easy with tank and fins and stuff –  but here comes another roller and I am grated over the coral like a lump of parmesan over a cheese grater. Anyway I finally make it to the shore with well lacerated legs and hands innit. I bleed like a mxxxxxxxxxr to the glee of the sightseers who have come to visit the famous lighthouse.


I don’t know what is wrong with me but I enjoy this sort of stuff.

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  1. ZedMac says:

    No feeling below the neck??

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