My Best Friend

I having been going to the dentist nearly every week for the last six months. All for treatment on the same tooth. It was root canal and crown. Tonight the crown was lowered onto the stump not by the Archbishop of Canterbury but by Mori sensei,  my best friend  I have probably spent more of my free time with him over the last 6 months than any other individual.

My buddy

So why does it take about 17 appointments to do the job? Is he ripping me off? I do not think so as each visit costs a paltry $11.87. I like to believe it is exquisite attention to detail and extreme care. Our joint language skills are not sufficient to find an answer to this question. Anyway he is a great guy and has a mohawk.

Hasta la vista Mori sensei.

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2 Responses to My Best Friend

  1. Ian Calder says:

    “what does not kill you, makes you stronger” – which always struck me as a fatuous comment, though it may be true of root canal treatment, but not of coral burns surely?

  2. Alan says:

    Mori san sounds a good guy but not so good to look up at as my Rachel! Does seem a lot of appointments. I’ve just had a root canal then new bridge which took just 3 appointments, Actually 5 if you count the two attempts at temporary bridges whilst waiting for the real thing but only 3 for the real work. Cost about £120. Reckon old Mori must be a true perfectionist. Have you examined your teeth for delicate filigree work?

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