New Lens

A thing that has given me pleasure over the last couple of years is taking photographs with a er camera. Little by little I have got to understand the process better and now I have decided to buy a new lens. I wanna a fixed 35 mm lens that  will I hope give pictures more like that which what I am seeing – see?

Nikon has a nice one which is $200 in the US but $349 on Okinawa. Japan is an expensive place to live. I decide to wait until I next go States-side. However I happen to look on my favorite web site Okinawa Boot Sales and miraculously there is the lens for half the price is goes for in the shops. Hmmm, tricky as I am leaving for the airport in a couple of hours. I phone Geoff, who is a marine. ” No problem buddy, I can meet you in the parking lot of Antidisestablishmentarianism Books as you swing down to the airport.”

This it

So we do the deal in the parking lot and I now have a new lens. Geoff is the nicest guy and is there with his boy Skeeter. Geoff clearly knows a lot about taking photographs with a er camera and gives me lots of suggestions as to how to use the lens like good. Thanks Geoff. We spend about 4 minutes together before I get back into the limo and am now waiting for a plane to Shanghai. I am generally very lucky. Things just seem to work out for me.

Bye Skeeter

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