Hasta la Vista Babies

Two colleagues Shawna and Sam are about to leave. They have been fantastic and so we have party.

Like this but better

It has been a truly beautiful day and as evening draws in the sea goes an incredible blue.

Flowers to embellish crazy cocktails. All picked from hedgerows around the apartment.

Sam, Shawna, Alison

USA, Middlesborough, Kashgar, Romania

We hang out on the terrace on starry hot Okinawan night. We Strip the Willow, which is perhaps not the best dance in 30 degree heat. I have to ask people to leave at 1:30 because I am 60.

Next day 

I have a headache

There was a leg of lamb, a huge lump of roast beef and tons of Okinawan stuff there a few hours ago.

Dead Terminator cocktails


Quite a night




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