Deflated at SFO

In Okinawa I drive a little Nissan that has I think a 1 liter engine – very respectable by Okinawan standards. In California I drive a Range Rover – it has a V8. As luck would have it the suspension deflates terminally on the day I arrive. A friend valiantly leaves it at the airport for me but she is very low when I get in from Japan. The Range rover suspension consists of four inflatable rubber cylinders, one for each wheel. These rubber bags, like all rubber things, puncture and when that happens the suspension shuts down. The car is driveable but only at 20 mph. The drive into SF is very hairy but I make it to my wee But and Ben on Fell.

My place in San Francisco

Ben has sent info about a possible repair shop; for yes the problem has been anticipated. Another challenging drive – 2 ton truck with no suspension – through downtown SF terminating at John Gardiner Automotive. I have no appointment but John is just another of those great Americans who say, ” Ok lemme look at it and I will see what I can do.” It is 5:00 pm. I am anticipating total suspension change demanding thousands of dollars resulting in  probable scrapping of truck. I am sad.

John phones next morning. ” Come by and pick her up at lunchtime. It’s all good.”

Back on her feet

I love America. So fast, so friendly,

I take my car to have her hair done.

At the Spa

Rub down

Another thing I like about the US is that you plug the gas hose into the tank hole thing, flick a catch which keeps it pumping until it is full whereupon it turns itself off. This takes about 20 mins so you have time to get a smoothie and a burger.

Time for a nap

So my first post from California is quite rightly about cars. I love my big V8.






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2 Responses to V8

  1. Bob Logan says:

    O Joy! You are local! Please call if you have time.
    Bob and Mary Logan 530-400-8086

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