Nice Suit

As I have mentioned before my most prized possession is my flute. Made in the 1820s with exquisite craftmanship, she is still going strong. However from time to time little ailments crop up which need doctoring. Ah, San Francisco, city of little shops. Maybe it stems from the time when San Francisco was the only place that made stuff from Chicago to Hawaii that you can find any profession, artisan, craftsman you want in the city. I have had shoes repaired by devoted Italian leatherworkers, chairs reupholstered by strong fingered Poles but my favorite artisan is Daniel Deitch. He and his wife Yukari repair woodwind instruments from a tiny shop way out on Clement.

Go there for your woodwind needs

My flute has been weakened by the heat and humidity of Okinawa and the C key and short F key no longer close effectively. It is a wonderful feeling of security to know that Daniel can fix it and of course, this being the US, fix it fast with a smile.

Daniel and Yukari neither actually smiling

Their tiny workshop is littered with amazing instruments in various stages of repair. Sitting in the corner is someone making very low-frequency sounds with a bass saxophone made of wood. It is a delight.  Thank you.

All better



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