Being Cosy

Cosiness is not a state that I experience much in Okinawa. Essentially it is too hot here to be cosy. However my happiest of all memories are as a child in Scotland when the weather was too awful to go outside and so the family would sit in the kitchen in comfy chairs and I believe there was even a sofa. We would snuggle under hand-made tartan blankets with dogs, cats, lion cubs, lambs and such whilst our Mother read us Midshipman Easy, Masterman Ready, Swallows and Amazons and What Katie Did in various places. The storm howled outside and the windows shook under the battering rain. There was no guilt , no feeling of wasting time,  justified idleness – the weather was just too bad.

Saturday was a bit like that here. I polished silver.


I love polishing silver

I watched All Blacks against Argentina.

The Argentinians are really good.

I prepared and ate elaborate meals.

Exotic red fish with squid and kimchi salad

Sometimes I wish I had a bottle of white wine. I bought the Bar Keepers Friend in SF. Could not resist a name like that.

The weather was awful – rain, rain, wind, wind, happy, happy, joy, joy.  I learned tunes on the flute.  02 The Glens Of Aherlow _ Trip To Hervé’s

Could not go outside. Bliss. I wonder what happened to the hand woven tartan blankets we used to have?  Never tire of the road.

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4 Responses to Being Cosy

  1. Alan says:

    Do you actually sprinkle a bit of the Bar Keeper’s Friend on your food? Not sure that it would go with any kind of wine, let alone white.
    I’ve still got one of those blankets. Calder tartan hand-woven by the weaver in Whitehouse, Kintyre. The cottage is still there but the weaver has long departed.

  2. Neil Calder says:

    Delighted to hear one survives. Alan I never thanked you for the St Andrews picture nor the Mum video. Thanks!

  3. Ian Calder says:

    Funny, I remember lots of sunny weather, pet lambs, going at sixty mph in the new Ford Consul, “All stand for the MINISTER!”, McNab’s bend, and The Broonie. There was the episode of the kitten being stepped on, but we will not dwell there.

  4. Alan says:

    Ian, I think you’re remembering days at Low Dunashry whilst Neil’s recalling summers in Corran Cottage. For the first there was the matter of the gelignite sticks on the beach and the bonfire; unfortunate use of sheep marking paint, genitalia and Auntie Margie. For the second, over-stoking the Rayburn to glow red in the dark; ex-army bell-tent, cows and Giant Irish Elks; Duncan and Bobby doing 100mph on Clachan hill in the Ford Zodiac; children wandering the fields with a loaded 12-bore shotgun.

    Neil, for the record you did convey your thanks earlier but your famous hatred of email has wiped your memory of this act!

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