Roving Out

I get out early to see what I can see post typhoon.  I love to ramble and just take time to look at er stuff.

Juvenile Black Crowned Heron practicing standing on one leg

Pacific Golden Plover

I know nothing about butterflies. Mea culpa. These babes are big

Lesser Sand Plover. Actually not, it is a Kentish Plover a long way from the white cliffs. I was looking at the wrong bit of the page in the bird book if you see what I mean. Hmm too difficult to explain

Ruddy Turnstone

The sea is still multo disturbato

Two Pacific Reef Egrets and two Intermediate Egrets chew the fat.

An hermit crab

Common Sandpiper

A pair of Common Greenshanks and a Common Sandpiper – I think.

Typhoon brushed

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