Thanks Juna

Juna Kurihara is a very nice person. I first met her when she worked with me at Stanford. She was  young and  an intern doing scientific illustration. She was very and still is very good at her job.

She was also petite, Japanese and quite quiet. Then I noticed that she was going out at lunchtime to play soccer with a bunch of corn and steak fed American guys. This was the first clue. I had a motor bike and Juna discreetly implied that she had motor bike experience.

Juna in California

“Have you been on a motor bike?” I ask avuncularly.

“Yes, in Australia.”

“Oh, you have been to Australia?”

“Well, I rode across Australia on a motorbike.”

“Wow! How big was the bike?”


“You must be kidding , you rode across Australia on a  125 cc bike?”

” No, I just sat on the back.”

Those of you who have not done long distance trips on a motor cycle may not understand the implications of that answer. It basically means that Juna is special.

Anyway she did a great watercolor of the research yard at SLAC and she kindly gave me the original, which I have kept since. Recently it has been taped to my bathroom wall.

Fall in Palo Alto

Anyway Juna is now in Tokyo, married with a beautiful daughter. Our paths crossed and she and her husband Carlos and beautiful daughter Kanoko, spent time in my apartment in Okinawa. She noticed her painting taped to my bathroom wall and today I received a mystery box at work. It was a frame from Juna with instructions of how to use it.

Small acts of kindness.

Finally! The respect it merits

Thanks Juna!

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