So after  a week of great intensity I get up very early to go get my truck, which has been graciously lent to me. I am moving my furniture to my new house that from henceforth will be known as the house by the sea.  I have to move my stuff today as tomorrow I set off to Kyoto for some days and I have to give the keys back on Friday and there is the inspection and so there has to be a final mega clean and so do you get it?   A happy band of people have agreed to help. It is a beautiful day and they stand in the back of the truck as I drive along the azure sea road.

They descend on my apartment like the wolf on the fold and the truck is loaded and dispatched to the new house 4 times in two shakes of a lambs tail.

Beatrice is one fine woman. She could rogue an acre of potatoes and milk the cows before the rest of us had filled even one creel. If you see what I mean.

We throw all the stuff into the amazing new place.

View of the house by the sea

Some of the crew on the deck

More crew in the back yard

Moving, of which I have done a lot.

On the boardwalk. Notice typhoon burnt trees.

I move in for good next Friday but in between I am in Kyoto and the inspection has to be done and the air conditioners er conditioned and the like and so I had to move the furniture today. Do you see what I mean? I am writing this on a laptop sitting on an upended garbage bin in a totally empty flat.

Further on down the road



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