VEB Feingeratebau 9362 Drebach/Erzg. GDR

How many of you remember the GDR?

Anyway,  people from there made my barograph and the next time you need one I recommend you buy from them. Mine has worked perfectly for 30 years.

They may have made crappy cars but let’s hear it for their barographs.

She has worked perfectly but I could not say that she has been a very exciting companion. She measures atmospheric pressure which in turn is related to the weather – low pressure = bad weather, high pressure = good weather.

Her clockwork mechanism has driven the drum around and around for 30 years and the pen has left a line that has stayed between 1020 and 990 hecto whizz bangs. This was in a dull period of my life atmospheric pressurely speaking.

30 years of this

Then I came to Okinawa and the realm of the typhoon. My barograph is having the time of her life. “She also serves who only stands and waits.” she chanted to herself through 3 decades but now she is ecstatic. Twice in the last month she has gone off scale and once nearly. She has experienced an intensity, a frenzy that had been unimaginable in the first part of her life. Now the future promises years of ecstasy and fulfillment. I am so happy for her. My barograph and Okinawa = Getrude Stein and Alice B Toklas.

One month in Okinawa


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10 Responses to VEB Feingeratebau 9362 Drebach/Erzg. GDR

  1. Alan says:

    Solid stuff. They were good at mechanical instruments. I have fond memories of a series of Exacta cameras and I stil have an Exacta VX 1000 and a Praktica camera. The East German Zeiss 20mm Flektogon, Exacta fitting, is a wonderful lens and still in use on my other ancient mechanical wonder, the Alpa 11Si. All of them overtaken by the rise of the microchip.

  2. Does the Alpa still work?

    • Alan says:

      Yes, the Alpas still work very reliably. I’ve actually got two. A 1960s model 6B and a 1980s 11Si. The 11Si suffered at the hands of a miserable New York company who’d bought up all the Alpa parts after the company folded; they turned a minor repair into a major problem. Luckily the camera was saved by an excellent Austrian company who actually knew how the cameras worked. So the Alpas look as though they will go on so long as I can get the film. Shame about Kodak, I’ve still got my first Brownie 127 from around 1960 as well! It also still works fine.

  3. I’m sure you can get this in the German version of e-bay, also in my city there are lot’s of people still in love with this regime and it’s products…there is hope!

  4. James Dowey says:

    I would be pleased if someone could tell me where I could obtain a replacement nib for my Feingeratebau barograph

    • Andrew Love says:

      I was wondering where I could get some repairs on my barometer it is a TYPE 207M

      • Hi Andrew
        Interestingly this post on my barograph is one of the most popular. I get many requests like yours. I am afraid the company has disappeared. I can only assume they have gone out of business.

  5. Hi James,
    I ran out of paper a year or so ago.I googled Feingeratebau barograph and came up with their web site. Sent a mail and got the paper in a couple of weeks. I tried googling them today and their site seems to have disappeared. Oh no I hope they have not closed down. I will let you know if I make any progress

  6. Robyn Lee-Stubbs says:

    Where can I find replacement pens for the barometer?

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