I never really entertained the possibility that Obama would be beaten by Romney until a couple of days before the election. Then I was brought into the overall looniness by the lamentable media coverage. “To Close to Call! Neck and Neck! Romney Darling of America!”  ” I don’t like sponge cake!” fumes Romney.

Nowhere could I find, “Obama will win this.” Can’t be bothered to write much about this but this election was another example of media failure. People, they want you to buy their newspapers and go to their sites. It is not in their interest to state conviction on an election result. Plot, character, uncertainty sells.

Anyway I think Obama is a great politician.

Did you listen to his acceptance speech? It is uncomfortable for Europeans as he speaks with conviction about fundamentals. Hope, trust, unity, pride, humility are not easy for us to talk about. He does it.   He is sincere.

So here’s to you Barack Obama – long may you reign.

Come to my party Barack. Bring Michelle and the kids.


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