So, the last  few days.

I have a lunch on Saturday.

It is Julia’s birthday.

It is Hisashi’s birthday

The festive board

That night  is the 7th anniversary of the Smugglers Irish Pub.

Before the drink takes hold

Band members, the owner and bystander

The evening progresses

Here’s to you Mary, Tara and Laura

Some Hibisci





I get up the next day, Sunday, and go diving.

Underwater stuff

I go to Tokyo

Tokyo in the Fall

I come back again and go to the dentist.

OK? Pain?

Root canal girls

Less than 4 days.

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2 Responses to Retrospective

  1. Alan says:

    The moustache seems to be coming on well. Such a large audience for the tooth job – which one’s the dentist? Hope the pain’s gone now.

  2. Hai!! Alan,
    The lady on the left is the dentist sensei. She gave me the longest injection I have ever had at a dentist. I believe that she was so worried about inducing pain that she waited for the novocaine to act each time before sliding the needle in another millimetre. It was fun and they loved posing for photos. It should be noted that this took place at 8:30 pm. People really work here.

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