Du Nouveau 2012

I remember taking the boys to school many years ago only to find that the road was blocked by an overturned tanker of Beaujolais Nouveau. At the  time I lived in France close to le Beaujolais. It was 7:30 on a Thursday morning in November, in fact  the third Thursday of November,  yea  the hallowed release day of Beaujolais Nouveau. The truck was bound for the lucrative Swiss Market but foundered on the rocks of Farges. There were rivers, pools, becks, streams, puddles,tarns, slaps, burns, lochs of wine, all purple in the early dawn light.

20 years ago Beaujolais Nouveau was a big deal in France.

The band played Beaujolais Nouveau

Today it is still a big deal in Japan. I am having a party on Saturday, which turns out to be an inauspicious day as many friends are going to Beaujolais Nouveau Parties.

As I write I am sipping, er, shnurting Beaujolais Nouveau. The shops are full of it.

How does this stuff get from Macon to Okinawa?

Do you believe this, “Poulet Pere et Fils depuis 1747?”
I think it is a scam.

Do they still do Beaujolais Nouveau elsewhere?

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