Sure No Problem

Traditionally I arrive in San Francisco to find the Range Rover needs fixing. This time it is overheating and I know from previous experience where the problem lies. There is a remote gasket in a water circuit that apparently keeps the fuel injection set-up heated to the right temperature, which discreetly blows. Water gently leaks out until there is not enough whereupon the big V8 overheats very quickly, blowing the head gaskets and warping the head and your truck is Fubar. As Ben, James and I are driving to Mexico, it is probably a good idea to get it fixed.

It is Boxing Day, who is going to fix obscure Range Rover problem? I phone Oscar who runs a small shop in Redwood City.

“That you Neil? Long time man, Happy Xmas, dude – sure no problem bring her in.”

Later, having examined the car.

“How long? Sorry it’ll take me at least 2 hours. Here take my Costco card you can stock up on everything while I am fixing the truck.”

” Yep all fixed – how much? Just give me $50.”

Viva Oscar!

Viva Oscar!

Thanks Oscar. Now we go to Mexico.

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