I lift up a pile of dirty clothes to find a huge spider. It gives me a very poisonous look. I immediately rationalize that I should leave it alone as it has as much right to be in the house as me. This is of course cowardice. I can visualize its huge fangs pumping leprous venom into my delicate skin  as it stares into my eyes with dark, secret, love.


Boris  4 inches across

However I also realize that if I do not remove it then the venom pumping might happen on my eyelid as I sleep.

The answer of course lay with the BBQ gloves that Rosy and Barry sent me for Xmas. I put them on and feel invincible. I succeed in trapping the monster in a Tupperware box using the mirror that James gave me for Xmas. Thanks all for the very useful gifts.

The spider now roams free in the undergrowth howling for a mate.

Post Scriptum

I showed a photo of the spider to the my admirable cleaning lady, Tsuha-san. She reassured me that the spider was not dangerous and was very worried that I had killed it.

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2 Responses to Spider

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Boris the Spider. Who ?

  2. Look, he’s crawling up my wall
    Black and hairy, very small
    Now he’s up above my head
    Hanging by a little thread

    Boris the spider
    Boris the spider

    Music today just does not have the quality of 60s stuff

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