Alabama, Arkansas, I Sure Miss My Ma and Pa

Today was a very painful day. The morning was spent at the dentist having root canal treatment. This entails Mori sensei sticking red-hot wire into the nerves of your teeth, or something like that. He says, ” Hai!! much pain!  This challenge, Neil san. You man, Neil san!!  Wakarimashitanokitatanakagusuku!!”

There is something very Japanese about all this.

I can think of more than 5.

I can think of more than 5.

The pain is predictable. You know that when the spike hits the nerve there will be shocking pain but that the pain is very short-lived. Anticipation is the real problem. I think torturers must play a lot on anticipation rather than on pain itself. Anyway, as you sit under the spot light with the wire heating in the furnace  you also know that there is an end in sight, er, like in lets say 40 minutes, all this will be over.

All said and done I prefer this to the other dental pain of continuous, sleep-depriving, unshut-outable, unfocused, throbbing pain.  Sharp definition pain is better than soft, wilting, tired, exhausting ever-present pain. I thought you would like to know that.

Anyroadupwards, I get home feeling wrung.

My spirits are immediately lifted by the classiest Xmas card from old friends McGillivray. They live in a chateau in medieval France. I have spent many a happy time there, check:


Snowy Sothonod

Snowy Sothonod

1000 years!

1000 years!

What can you say? What is a little tooth pain compared to a 1000 years?

I felt uplifted.

Compliments of the season and thanks Mac Gillivrays

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