Something has Gotta Give

I went to buy an electric bike the other day because a colleague, who is an Iron Man champion, swears buy it. He says, “why sweat the hills? Just kick in the electric bit and all your pedaling is equalized.” This is a good pitch and I go for it. When I get to the store  I say ” I want one of those please.” The salesperson says, ” Man, you gotta be putting me on. You all is  so fat that  Bill Gates couldn’t afford to pay for your liposuction.”  ” Man these here bicycles are designed for thin Japanese dudes, you all is an elephant, a sperm whale, this little bike is gonna buckle and break under your weight as soon as you put y’all’s lardass on that saddle.”

I have to say that I had noticed that I waddle rather than walk, that I have chaffing marks on my inner thighs, that I have not seen my genitalia when standing up for some time. Children also follow me in the street chanting, “You all been  on a seafood diet; whenever you  saw food, you ate it.”

These are all well-known symptoms of fatness.

So I drag out the scales, which I have not consulted for some months because I live in Japan where people eat healthily and you lose weight.

How can this be?

How can this be?

This is probably heavier than I have ever been.

OK I have spent a large portion of my life trying to discover the Higgs boson which explains the mystery of mass. It has been discovered so there is no longer a mystery ergo I can shed these unwanted kilos.

I start by cycling to work. Not on cool electric bike for which I am too massive, but on good ol’ Big Red.

She ain't never done me no wrong

She ain’t never done me no wrong

I eat only fish and meat, which is what I want to eat anyway.

Tonight's eats - fresh tuna thing, Okinawan spinach stuff, egg,  butter lemon juice, olive oil.

Tonight’s eats – fresh tuna thing, Okinawan spinach stuff, egg, butter lemon juice, olive oil.

Thank you Mr Cobb

Thank you Mr Cobb

I drink no alcohol. This is tough.

I am in competition with esteemed Julia to see who can lose the most weight in the next month.

I will post the result.



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2 Responses to Something has Gotta Give

  1. ZedMac says:

    Is that over a thousand kilos? Maaaaaaan, you sure have put on weight!! Never mind. I’ll still love you. xxx

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