That Kind of Girl is Always out of Reach, She’s a Beach

I spend a lot of time playing with my beach. She is a wonderful companion of whom I never tire. Today being Saturday, it being glorious weather, I  spend the morning with her and I ponder on why I like her so much.

One thing is she is never the same. Not only does she reserve little surprises for me but also she plans subtle but major changes in appearance to keep me interested. Recently she has gone all sandy.

What will she be wearing in the Summer?

What will she be wearing in the Summer?

She used to wear a lot more coral but this winter she dresses herself in beautiful fine sand.

She is usually very faithful, only I get to play with her. Sometimes I see the tracks of other men and although momentarily angry I am old enough to know that beaches can be flighty.

Just me today

Just me today

Just when you think you know all about her she reveals another unexpected personality trait. Today she showed me that there are shells encrusted in her hard bits by the sea.

How come I never noticed?

How come I never noticed?

She is also very slutty. You go around to see her some mornings and there are empty bottles everywhere. I have to clean her up and hide the evidence before she is fit to meet people again.

Last night's fun

Last night’s fun

She has many secret passages.

A private club

A private club

Members only

Members only

What I like best about her is that when I am with her everything around just looks more beautiful.

She's my beach

She’s my beach






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