And the Living is Easy

Here is an example of how nice it is to live in Japan. My much-loved G10 breaks down.

Who you gonna call?

Why the help number on the Canon web site, of course. They go through a thorough fault-finding exercise and admit that probably something is seriously crank. No problem they say “We will send a man to your house to pick up your camera.”  “Say what, I live in Okinawa?” No problem , what time would you like him, the guy, to come?”

“Er well I don’t usually get home until 7:30 ish.” ” Okey dokey.” says the nice person at Canon, “He will come between 8:00 and 8:30.”

Sure enough he, the guy, arrives when advertised with a special Canon box, wraps the camera for me and, smiling wildly disappears into the night.

A couple of days later Canon phone, explain what is wrong and ask if I would like them to fix it.

I say “Hai!!!”

Today there is a call asking politely if it would be OK if the guy drops the camera off at my house at 8:00?

I say “Hai!!”

I fire up the Cobb whilst waiting for the guy.

I fire up the Cobb whilst waiting for the guy.

At 8:00 the bell rings. I sign, give him, the guy, the cash and he disappears into the night smiling wildly.

The guy

The guy

Thanks Canon, the guy, Japan in general for making my life so easy.

Also thanks to esteemed colleague Micheal who to tell the truth   took the Japanese calls.

Home again.

Home again.

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