Hiroshi Helps

So, the rains have gone. There is now unremitting sunshine and heat until the middle of November. Hooray!

Now is the time and now is the hour for Dileas to breast the waves. I have been in negotiation with the local fishing harbor to allow launching there but it is all taking too long and so desperate measures are  taken. Poor Dileas has been languishing on her trailer, which is only about 20 meters from the sea. I hear her groan and moan with yearning during the night.

We lift her from her trailer

We lift her from her trailer but before Hiroshi we stumble and question

I assemble a group of middle to late-middle aged muscle . The project is to lift the boat from the trailer and then carry her down to the sea. She is heavy and I am unsure if this is going to work. At this point, there is a sign sent from above in the form of Hiroshi, a former colleague from ITER days, who is in Okinawa with his wife for a conference. I have not seen him for 4 years. This is an unexpected joy. His trawthe  inspires we flagging knights and we carry the now featherweight Dileas down to the water.

Sweden, Japan, New Zealand,USA, Isreal, Australia

Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Israel, Australia

The launching of the boat goes very smoothly.  No injuries.

Heroes all

Heroes all

I walk Dileas out to her mooring

I walk Dileas out to her mooring

I am very pleased that Hiroshi is here. He is a very good man and, like First World War veterans, we do not say much about the miseries of ITER but we understand each other.

Hiroshi and Ulf

Hiroshi and Ulf

Only the beginning

Only the beginning

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