I Love This Stuff

I cook a lot of tempura, which means hot oil that becomes dirty and grunge. As you all know the problem of deep fat frying, whether for chips or squid tempura is what to do with the dirty oil. I mean you cannot chuck it down the sink as it congeals and blocks your evacuation. You can sneak off into the woods in the dark of night and pour it over the roots of orchids but that does not seem very nice. The Japanese have of course, due to their harmonic with Nature, got the solution.

Thanks Naoko

Thanks Naoko

This stuff is fantastic. When oil gets objectionable you just heat it up some and sprinkle on the fairy dust that comes in the packet in the previous illustration. As the oil cools , it congeals.

Magic. Wendy got it all over her.

Magic. Wendy got it all over her.

You can then hoick it out in one piece and dump it in the trash.

I don't like sponge cake.

I don’t like sponge cake.

Do they have this stuff in other countries?

Do they have this stuff in other countries?

Maybe I can make a million dollars by marketing this stuff in other countries. I could call it, “Peter Pan”

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2 Responses to I Love This Stuff

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Whatever happened to the recycling of cooking oil ? Don’t they do that in Japan ?

  2. Not on Okinawa as far as I know. Why would you when you can have so much fun with Fairy Dust?

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