If you go to the entry of December 14 2013 you will find this photo.

National Health

National Health

Today is December 15 2014.

Same pain , same sweater

Same pain , same sweater

It has become a Xmas tradition to get terrible toothache on this same day.

I go to Mori sensei. He rips  off a Californian crown, “Very expensive ne?” Intones the formulaic strophe,” Much pusu! Root canal!”

He gives me lots of antibiotics and painkillers.



Anyway, what can you expect if you sleep in a house that was built over an untimely felled Rowan tree?

Here is a good song.

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4 Responses to Tradition

  1. Alan says:

    Poor sod! Evidence that whatever we are we weren’t created in God’s image. Or maybe that explains why Jehovah was so vengeful back in the day; calmed down when his imperfectly created teeth were replaced by false ones. I’m just setting up for a second implant – no cries of ‘Banzai! Root canal!’ over here, just sorrowful obeisances to my credit card. I blame our Scottish heritage; “another stick of toffee for the wee one, Annie.”

    Thanks for the Clachan song. Is my memory faulty or did the Auld Calder himself occasionally sing it to The Great She Elephant?

  2. jms says:

    Have you been eating Christmas Pudding early again!?

  3. jms says:

    Good luck Alan too ^^^^ I might be next…

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