For Eternity?

I have always worried about going to Heaven. I mean, what can you do for eternity without getting bored?  Maybe if Heaven was only for 10 insane years it would be a more attractive proposition.  Even that is probably too long. Maybe a couple of weeks in Heaven followed by a few hours of Hell with the resultant “Oh, Thank God!” upon returning would provide necessary variation.

This is just a lead in to another heavenly morning spent in the Kezar Bar, which is close to our house. The bar is so named because the mighty Kezar Stadium used to stand right in front of it.

Original home of the 49ers

Original home of the 49ers

The stadium, just at the entry to the Golden Gate park was demolished after the 1989 earthquake. You will remember it featuring in the last scene of Dirty Harry. Hard to imagine it having been there now.

Anyway I have written about the delights of the Kezar before:

This time I have just got of a plane from Tokyo and have being lying wide awake since 4:00 am. I realize that the Plucky Losers, or Scotland, are playing France in a couple of hours. Off go Ben and I. We establish ourselves in the warm bar with the other fetishists,  who fall into two groups. Rugby freaks wearing old rugby jerseys and football freaks of whom there are many more. They occupy the front room and wear Liverpool FC jerseys with Gerrard 8 on the back. Yep, Liverpool are playing Everton at the same time as the Plucky Losers play France. We are in a bar in San Francisco.

What is Ben staring at?

What is Ben staring at?

At this.

Full Irish Breakfast

Full Irish Breakfast

Black pudding, white pudding, 2 eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausages, tomato,toast. People are drinking beer, Bloody Marys and shots. We don’t drink. I am getting old – it is 8:30.

Two beautiful young women, both of whom have truly outstanding, er, postures, swoop back and forth with trays of breakfasts and drinks. They are happy and welcoming and very aware of the effect their, er, postures are having on the menfolk. Watching tennis drives the eyeballs from left to right, from left to right. Watching rugby in the Kezar drives 50  eyeballs away from the screens to the left, as one of the barmaids breasts her way out of the kitchen bearing trays of happiness. The eyeballs then follow her to wherever she is going and then lock back on the screens again. It is a circular motion that is repeated every few minutes throughout the match.

Scotland lose in a plucky sort of way. However how close is this to Heaven?

Ben goes to work and I stroll back home past yellow Mimosa and kind of magnolia colored Magnolias. I come across a library on Page that I had not noticed before.

I read th NYT and San Francisco Chronicle.

I read th NYT and San Francisco Chronicle.

The front page of the Chronicle has a story by David Perlman, whom I first met  at CERN in 1989, when he was 70. Do the math.

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

I suppose Heaven could be watching rugby in the Kezar, followed by sojourn in a library with  little touches of Hell to recalibrate.

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