Moth and Rust Doth Corrupt

So the car goes in for its road fitness test. You will remember that this takes place every two years in Japan. The test is called the Shaken after Welsh 80’s pop star Shakin Stevens.


Rusty Chassis was one of his greatest hits.

Ben leaves – boo hoo, he is a good companion.


Bye Ben, thanks for looking after me


Grey Heron in the slime bath near the airport.

I drive to the shop, where the main man is Yamada san, to see what pain I will have to suffer Shaken style. Ouch! Yamada san does an excellent onomatopoeic interpretation of rust eating its way through the chassis of my faithful pig liver colored March. It goes, “Crunchy,crunchy,crunchy,chew,chew,choo.”


I am surprised the engine has not fallen out

Living by the sea is good for the soul but bad for cars. The wind, salt, humidity, heat, crabs, do damage to metal.

So my car is over, long live the car!


Yamada san with Honda 750

Yamada san says, ” Why not buy this Honda Fit, which is fit and like fits you.” What a good idea.

I scurry off to a ATM. In Japan I can pull $5,000 from an ATM day after day, within limits.


Cash rules!

I now have a Honda Fit. I am am bound to lose weight.

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