Most Weak Hams

Oh no ! Ben is about to leave. I take a day off and we go diving. First we go to Sunabe and generally burble about amidst the amazing soft corals as what is found there


That’s my boy



We then go for an evening dive straight out from my house. We swim out and everything is OK.  We watch amazing groups of Bat Fish who seem to be hiding. We become aware that  there is a very strong current zooming around. Beautiful clown fish but it is late, the sun is going down and we have to get back to shore. Normally this kind of thing does not bother me. I have total confidence in my physical ability. But, this time it is different. We set off for shore against a very strong current. I do what I can, but for the first time in my life I question my physical ability to get out of the situation I have engineered. Am I strong enough to get back to the shore?

I swim on my front, I swim on my back, I swim on my side, but nothing seems to work as the current pushes against me. I make no progress. I feel inklings of panic. Thank God that Ben is with me. He stays about 1 metre away from me all the way into the shore. I feel weak. Finally, after 30 mins of desperate  swimming from me, I reach a depth where I can walk. Ben is like a sea lion, he is aware that I am not doing too well and swims around me making sure that I am OK. Thanks very much Ben.

Oh no! I am I old?

Check the video:

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1 Response to Most Weak Hams

  1. zedmac says:

    bloody hell darling… Be (more) careful!

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