Jonah Lomu

So in honor of Jonah Lomu, Ben and I order a whole lot of food from the amazing:

This is Aladdin’s Cave. You can get what you want.  We want meat.

Japanese food is wild but from time to time, I want to roast, a chicken, a duck, a shoulder or leg of lamb. When I say from time to time I really mean all the time.

We get our quantities very badly wrong.


Dead meat

At 7:30 on a Wednesday night, a hyper polite delivery guy like delivers, 29 kilos of lamb, 3 chickens, a duck and lots of other stuff.   We have gone too far. There is neither tomb nor continent  enough to hide the slain.


Meat on the ledge

We light the BBQ.


I tried hard for many years to be a lawyer but happiness kept breaking through.

Hmmm, I now need to find a big freezer.


Every nook and cranny of my fridge is crammed with defrosting lamb, chickens  and a duck. What to do? I mean Ben leaves on Friday.

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