I love to have a project and right now I have a meaty one – the thwart.

Readers will remember that I went down to the woodyard to negotiate a new thwart.


By the way, this is my new car.

Anyway this is what my buddy, the wood dude, came up with.


Probably not Oak but very hard nonetheless.

I drill and soak in teak oil.


I love drenching wood with oil

I stand outside in the sun. I sand, oil and watch.


An Osprey passes by


A caterpillar says hello


Ponsettia in its natural state


A little yellow flower with bug


New thwart in situ

So, I feel this thwart project will keep me going until the end of 2015. I have to varnish, refine hole placing and finally bolt onto the boat. So much pleasure.

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1 Response to Project

  1. calderi says:

    I like big washers

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