You will remember that I mistakenly ordered 29 kilos of mutton when Ben was here. This fills every nook and cranny of freezer space I possess and there are 4 legs of lamb in  a freezer at the university.

Today, Mark gives me a shoulder of venison and a bottle of Scottish beer. Tara gives me 3 packs of bacon, a pack of sausages and a huge bag of chicken breasts. She also gives me half a bottle of Lagavulin and  a bottle of Aberlour.


Freshly grallached.

What am I going to do with all this meat?


Very strange moth, probably carnivorous

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3 Responses to Flesh

  1. Alan says:

    Another excuse for a party aka eating orgy?
    Where you gonna be on the 25th?

  2. Hi Alan
    Guess what, some people came to visit and gave me a rack of lamb and a shoulder of lamb!
    I will have to have a dog party. 25 in SF.

    • Alan says:

      Time to start blogging about your love of caviar and Moet? At least you could sell any surplus to pay for your annual thwarting.
      Seen any habu vipers around recently? Apparently the record length for one at 2.42m was found in the Onna Village area in October 2011 – it’s on display at Okinawa Prefectural Institute of Health and Environment, Nanjo. I’m told that habu are used to produce habu awamori (habu sake) so if the habu have a taste for gobbets of lamb then maybe there’s a new hobby for you whilst out birding?

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