First Class Cabin

I went to Tokyo last week and ate this


Evening meal


IMG_2887 (1)

Breakfast – check out little baby fish.

When I go to Tokyo I like to stay at the First Cabin Hotel at either Haneda or Narita airports.

I have written about these places before but they are a source such joy to me that I can not restrain myself.:

Things I like:

It reminds me of skool

I can pretend I am in a hut on the Antartic shelf

It has lightning internet

It is 2 mins from the departure security gate

It is 1 minute from any number of restaurants

I do not have to get up at 3:30 in the center of Tokyo and worry about getting the right subway

It is dirt cheap

I also delight in the fact that there are no doors on the rooms, just a sliding screen thing, which you cannot lock. It is understood that we live in a civilized society where people are not going to rob, murder and stuff, you.

Come morning, I stumble into the spotless bathroom area for a shower and that sort of thing. Everyone is wearing the blue hotel pyjamas. It is like a scene from a prison movie or a British public school. We all hunch over the sinks with bleary eyes, tousled hair, I mean not me, as we ritually scrub our molars.

15 minutes later we are all bursting  out to catch flights. Everyone is immaculate in suits and ties, I mean not me.

Such fun.


First Class Cabin. Notice extra space beside bed. Most cabins are smaller.



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