I’ll Have a Double, Please

So I wake up to a very wet and blowy Xmas day in Okinawa. Mind you it is still 20 degrees but it feels chilly. I bumble around and finally find myself at the airport. I fly to Taipei. I fly to San Francisco.

The boys pick me up at SFO at about 7:30 pm on Xmas day. I do not recognize James who now has a full beard. Ben’s car is working and we zing back to Fell.


Alan has arranged for a whole lot of beer to be delivered.

James has cooked roast duck, Chinese hairy potato and bok choi. It is delicious. We drink beer and open excellent gifts from around the world. We have a lot of fun.


Thanks everyone!

I go to bed and draw the cover, which seems a bit thin, over me. I am asleep in 2 seconds. I awake at 2:30 with my teeth chattering and chilled to the bone. I had not realized that the cover was only flimsy decoration and I was lying on top of a super warm sleeping bag. Too long in Okinawa where a sheet is usually sufficient cover. I feel truly awful and lie foetus like in the sleeping bag desperately trying to warm up. I have not been cold for years.

Another double Xmas. Lots of adventures programmed in the wild west.

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