Ben and I head towards the Sacramento wetlands in the car with no name  to observe geese and to check on my future home.

I intend to die in a camper on the back of a pickup truck and this necessitates purchasing both. I had better hurry as I hear the bell tolling. Accordingly we drive fast up 80 to the camper workshop



Have a look at the 4 Wheel Camper site:

We then head north as the evening draws in. Thousands of geese are flying into the wetlands to spend the night in ponds of freezing water.  It is an soul restoring sight. The vast majority are Snow Geese with some Ross Geese and White Fronted Geese, I think but I have left my field guide in Okinawa, thrown in.


Snow Geese settle for a freezing night in the swamp.


Snow Goose


Grace Slick Goose. No, White Fronted Goose


Ferruginous Hawk, I think

It gets dark so we head to Walmart.


Outside Walmart.

We are up before dawn to catch the early birds catching the worms.


Ben with the car with no name

We pass a unforgettable morning.


Don’t know what this is until I get back to Okinawa. I have got very rusty on American birds. Cooper’s Hawk


White Crowned Sparrow


We go for breakfast in the Black Bear Diner.


Eggs Benedict

We go back to the wetlands and have another glorious session of wildlife.


Bald Eagle! I have seen them before but usually a thousand miles away. This one sat on my knee.


Eggs Benedict


Some of a million Snow Geese that take off at the same time.


Glossy Ibis


I do not understand this. Gas was $4:50-$5:00 when I left 8 years ago

Such happiness, cheap gas and millions of rare birds.

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