Wooden Chest

I have a wooden chest. Not a wooden heart.

Elvis Presley has a wooden heart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hlbu6SsjlSE


The bread oven


Inside the bread oven. Very old.

I found my chest deep in the cellars of the house as what I had in France. The house had previously been the town bread shop. The box had a specific purpose. They chucked the dough into it and let it rise. There is a name for this kind of chest in French but I have forgotten it.

Anyway, with great difficulty I extracted it from the cave


La cave. The tiled bit at the end used to be a reservoir for wine.

and spent weeks removing the many coats of paint as what had been applied thereupon.

Place St Laurent.jpg

The house in France. Very old.


Chest in Provence


Chest in San Francisco


Chest in Okinawa

I have neglected my chest. Today I applied teak oil and wax to make her happy.


It is oak and hundreds of years old

I like cleaning things.

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