Atomic Cooker

My friend Mark, who is from Texas has the most remarkable cooking thing. It is huge, power is by butane and thorium and can cook a leg of lamb in  two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

He lends it to me for the Ciao Ciao Letizia party


Designed for roasting Armadillos



The thorium gives it that extra jolt.

Letizia is leaving, a great pity. Letizia apparently means religiously induced bliss, which is pretty much the effect she has had on us all. Her family name is Diamante, again most apt.


Joy Diamond

She loves Scottish country dancing. We have live music, two fiddles and flute, many nationalities, stripping the willow on a dark night in Okinawa.


Letizia organizes the set. Italy, Mexico,China, Bulgaria,Iran. Scottish dancing in Okinawa. OIST throws up the strangest combinations.


Matsuda sensei, the world’s greatest ceramicist at the party, loves Highland dancing.


So does Letizia


Mixed menu


No caption needed


Geckos love to strip the willow

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