Lay Me Down in Sheets of Linen

How do I love Okinawa? Let me count the ways.

Today is very soft. It is gently warm and wet. There is a post party drowsiness. I look at the orchids on the deck.


This is an orchid

About 2 weeks ago when I was pimping the mighty HiJet, I backed her up without paying sufficient attention, whereby the half open door caught on a tree and was nearly twisted off its hinges. The result of this stupidity is that the driver’s-side door no longer closes.

I take the truckette to the gas station across the road and mime, ” Is there anything you can do about this? I fully understand if it turns out to be a futile exercise.” Yasushi san  says, “I will totally give it my best shot.”

I go back about an hour later and there is a gang of guys with rods, poles and perches levering the door back into position. Remember this is Sunday lunchtime.

I go back half an hour later and the truckette is fixed. The door swishes to closed with elegant clunk of a Rolls Royce. They charge 540 yen.


Notice how smart the HiJet looks post pimp. Notice the straightness of the door.

Okinawan induced bliss.

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