Scottish Delight

Jet lag has its advantages. On Saturday I am wide awake at 4:00 am thus in plenty of time to get to the famous Kezar Sports Bar in time for the kick off at 7:00am. Scotland play France. I like it that this bar is humming so early in the morning.


The Sots, I mean Scots, are in white.

What joy to watch Scotland beat the French while eating a Full Irish Breakfast. Scotland have now won two matches in a row.


Two matches in a row,two eggs over-easy, two rashers of bacon, two sausages, two black pudding, two white pudding, tomato, toast, hash browns, and  as much coffee as you can drink. No miso soup.

It is a very good start to the day. It is pouring with rain so we go for a walk. We exult in the compost heap in the Golden Gate Park.


Mountains of wood chippings


Bison bombed


Billy the Bison

We go to Land’s End because the ocean is wild.


Bonnie carries James through a lake.


This Little Egret followed me all the way from Okinawa.


Handsome James

We go home and tune up the outboard for tomorrow’s adventure.


The motor runs

We then went out for burgers and beer. Great day.


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4 Responses to Scottish Delight

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Nice of Scotland to do England a favour by beating France and letting us secure the Six Nations Championship. Next week England v France, now that’s a Grand Slam that would be real fun, especially in this household in, er, Waterloo.

  2. zedmac says:

    We were THERE!!! At Murrayfield. And in Rome too. Hurraaaah for the brave Scots warriors. FREEDOM etc. What good-looking boys you have. xxx

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