We Bought a Truck with a Bench Seat so We Could Put the Dog in the Middle.

James and I rent a truck for a day from Getaround www.getaround.com

You just go to the app and search for cool  truck and it shows you where the nearest one is. It kept coming up with 1701 Fell. We took this to be an error as we live at that address. Finally we went outside and there was a big shiny F 150.


Truck dwarfs house

So we fill her up with all kinds of boating stuff and let that easy old V8 haul us South to Moss Landing.


Is there anything more pleasing than an outboard in the bed of a big truck?

Moss Landing is a sort of old peoples home for sailing boats. The boats very rarely get out and few people come to visit them. The whole place is over-run with Sea Lions and Sea Otters and exotic birds. If you have a boat you can get insanely close to them. We have a boat and a truck to put it in.



So, as usual I have left my U.S. bird field guide in Okinawa so my identification is going to be shamefully vague.


Gull, I think Californian, eats dead fish.


Old lady surrounded by layabouts

The engine starts!


Sean Connery’s first job was a sailor


Lonesome Sea Lion

We potter around hoping the engine will not conk out. There is strong breeze and inflatables are impossible to row against any kind of wind.


Brown Pelicans


Are you looking at me or chewing a brick?


Brent Goose


Can’t remember but probably Curlew




Common Merganser ? – actually probably Red Breasted Merganser


Horned grebe

Amazing day!

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