Kill Snakes

Today is St Patrick’s Day. He killed an entire country’s snake population. They take him very seriously in the U.S.


It is an amazing Californian morning.

I go down Palo Alto to see Melinda. Her baby is due today so I go to the Florist on Fell and ask for a Babyshock Bouquet. The flower lady tries to steal my phone and then puts together the weirdest collection of succulents, cactii and thorns that I have ever seen.

“This bouquet is guaranteed to precipitate labor” she affirms.



Melinda is a total star but the bouquet does not do the trick as we sit in the warm sunshine drinking coffee and reminiscing.


O’Flaherty’s, San Jose. Scene of many, memorable, musical, moments.

I join The Crooked Road Céilí Band , friends from old, for 4 hours of non-stop music.


More drink, more reels!

The place is packed with people wearing outlandish costume getting sh*t-faced on a Thursday afternoon. Banjo, Fiddle, Hammer Dulcimer, Flute, Guitar.


San Jose!

Another outstanding day!

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