Flute Box

James and I go on an adventure to the Russian River. We are scoping out real estate. On the way up there in the car whose name shall not be told, we stop, par hasard, we were looking for coffee, at the best store in the world. I do not know its name but it is a huge warehouse full of everything you would ever want to buy. I mean; tents, stoves, dutch ovens, sleeping bags, fishing rods, rope, shackles, guns, rifles, clothes, boots, water shoes, knives, bows and arrows etc, etc.


This is about 20% of the store. I am spending my next vacation here.

“Have you got any pistol cases?” I ask. Why will become clearer later. “Why, we surely do. Just look over there in the Hunting section.” There is a vast choice of pistol cases and after much deliberation I decide on this one.


What a beauty! Shockproof, waterproof!


Rural California is the best place to buy vegetables


We eat steak. Ben is an excellent steak chef.


Fresh Californian artichokes. Delicious.

I am in California for 2 short but wonderful days and then Osaka, Naha. I get home at 7:00 pm on who knows what day. I am trembling with anticipation.

My flute case, as what I have had since 1979, is falling apart. I have no idea where I can get a case for an 1824 Willis and Goodlad.


Sir Roger Casement

There is an Irish music fetish site here: https://thesession.org/  I asked where I could get a case and got many replies. The considered opinion was to buy a pistol case; remove bits of foam to create niches for flute sections and Bob’s your father’s brother.

Although numbed by trans-Pacific travel, I immediately fix up the case on arrival. I have rarely bought anything that has made me so happy.


Snuggy flute


Imagine walking into a bar carrying this! I look forward to interesting times.

The USA is such a great place for buying stuff.

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2 Responses to Flute Box

  1. calderi says:

    Ann and I remember our visit to The Giant Artichoke in Castroville (Artichoke Capital of the World) with Mother. After trying artichokes prepared every which way she pronounced “They are just famine food really”. A bit harsh.

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