The Daily Mail

I cannot let a day go by without checking into the Daily Mail to measure the temperature of UK life. It is a bit like  reading Klu Klux Klan Daily but with more smut and wormwood. Anyway, today I read this:

Wow, it is snowing in London. This only struck me as worth commenting upon because today I finally capitulated and switched on the AC. It is 30C here.


Nasturtiums beginning to wilt but Plumeria coming on strong


Hibiscus are busting out all over

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5 Responses to The Daily Mail

  1. Rosemary says:

    I do feel for you, I really do!

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    Know how you feel, I used to do the same with EastEnders (my window on the UK world from distant Belgium) until the story line became too daft and I gave up in January 2015 and went cold turkey overnight. I wonder what Phil and Sharon (and that revenant Kathy) are up to these days. Still never mind. My evenings are now so full of other more exciting things.

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