I have 5 Mac keyboards. 4 wireless ones and one a with a snake-ish usb connection.  None of them work. I interpret this breakdown as a result of the heat and humility of the Okinawan climate. Aghast, as I cannot use my computer and so am dead, I consult the Oracle as to how I can get a wireless mac keyboard. I dread an endless excursion, trying to find a highly lighted, very loud, frenetic, store where nobody understands my mime for wireless mac keyboard. The  Japanese Oracle says “Yo, dude hit up Amazon .jp.”



So, here I have to wonder. I have lived in Japan for 5.5 years. The idea of going to a web site to order stuff, I mean any stuff, in English was impossible when I first debarked. It took me 4 years to get a Japanese credit card. I assumed this was normal. Maybe not? Maybe  this was here from the beginning but I was too happy to fall into the quaint belief of everything has to be paid for with cash in Japan  that I had created for myself.

Amazon .jp english allows you to buy anything, I mean anything, on line.

Is this a recent thing or has it been here all the time but my stupid misinterpretation of life in Japan has disguised it from me?


Two days after I hit the web site

I mean what I am trying to say is that living in a foreign country opens a vast vista of opportunity for misinterpretation.  You,or at least I, never really completely understand what is going on. This is why I get angry when people talk about countries they have never lived in. They really have not got a clue.  I think it is linked to the era of imperialistic, colonialist self belief that I grew up in. Friends, only talk about your own country. Otherwise you are making fools of yourselves.


Yay!  New keyboard, lens cap, futon cover and camera bag.

Aregato Gozaimasu

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