So, at this time of year the forest of Okinawa erupts. Trees that had previously generally blended into the Jurassic Park vegetation that surrounds the university are sudden covered in beautiful creamy-white blossom. Blossom? Not sure that this is this best word, as for me, blossom frets and struts its life out over a short time. Iju  flowers? hang in for weeks. Anyway I love it and now pant in expectation  each year. The flowers herald in the rainy season and then the Summer.

Check it: http://www.tabata-tumugi.co.jp/fuubutu-e/backno/fuu0806-e.htm

This year the displays are particularly spectacular. Learned Tomomi informs me that this augurs a bad typhoon season. Hooray!






Mt Kurz, he dead

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