This is Important

As I live on the western shore of Okinawa, every night when I return from my place of work, I stare out. The sun always goes down, but in a glorious period this happens in full view of my deck. That period is now.


I saw summer sunsets  and hoped for more

I am afraid this blog is going to become rather, which in any language other than middle class English means very, boring. I hope to record the setting of the sun in a kinda obsessive, boring, way over the next few weeks. This is important to me as I have a very clear indicator of the seasons’ passage and hence the onward march of time, right at my backdoor. The more the sunset moves away from Cape Zampa the more we move towards Summer and glee. Suddenly in the midst of glee, the sun starts moving back again and Autumn stirs the pot.

Anyway, tonight is a big deal for, for the first time this year, the sun slams into the sea noticeably beyond Cape Zampa.


While greasy Joan doth keel the pot

So I wander down to the beach and sit and watch the sun going down. It is amazing. So many changes in hue in such a short time.


Under the bridge







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