After Work

I like the longer evening. Now in Okinawa, the sun goes down at about 7:15. This means I can leave work at a less than embarrassing time and still get in an evening sail. It is not the glorious long evening of the West Highland summer but, er it is warm.

This is what I done did tonight. So, I mean, what can I say?  Is anything better?


Perfect breeze


Notice light in the western sky


I make a decision


That will do Pig


It really is a beautiful evening and er warm


As the sun hits the horizon, I pick up the mooring with the greatest of ease.


I like it here

Anyway, yesterday as I was stumbling around, I tripped over a very large crab. It is a bit smaller than a tennis ball.


In a red bucket


I tried to talk about sponge cake but it was not engaged.

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