So, it is Sunday and I look forward to a wonderful day of long cruising through the azure; like what I would have done yesterday had I not been working.

But as fate would have it, the wind ratchets up several notches and the early morning sail is unrelaxed.


Even with a reef, the Scaffie is a handful

So I retreat,  sit at anchor and determine to right little wrongs.   I just like being on a boat. When at anchor, the rudder has to be immobilized so that it does not clatter from side to side causing trouble. I have tried several methods; the best being to use the traveller as a point of attachment.


The traveller is the rope going from bottom left to top right.

The problem is that this method wears a groove into the tiller and this cannot be good.



I decide to wrap a band of leather around the tiller such that the groove is protected. This is great fun.


At work. It is very windy and very hot.


I love Opinels. This one I have sharpened to beyond razor. Super X is the best glue in the world.


I spread glue on the leather and then sprinkle little diamonds on it.


A great step for mankind


New system using sail tie.

Whew, what a relief. No need to worry about the tiller. Now I worry about the mooring, which comprises two anchors in tandem.


Main anchor. Notice chain leading to the second anchor


Second anchor. Click on the photo and you will see lots of pretty little fish.

So I do not think I need to worry about the mooring. I swim back and stop to say hello to my favorite family of Clown Fish.


Mine’s a pint

I like to have a project.


I love this time of year


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