Nobody Has Ever Done This

So, today’s adventure started last night when I swallowed the enchanted vial.


Enchanted vial on the right.

I woke up in this  morning and went to the lavatory. It was not really my choice as the enchanted vial had done its stuff. I then swallow 1.8 liters of laxative slime, which is actually not that easy. I mean that is like 4pints and a wee half. The effect is spectacularly cleansing and I wonder why I do not do this at least once a week. Anyway, I am ready: colonoscopy time!

Those of you who do not want to see the inside of my intestines, leave now.


Higa san!


I am in safe hands. Yonamine sensei on the right, steers the boat.

Off we go on a wild ride around my lower intestine. The operating room is a bit like a sports bar with high def screens everywhere all showing the inner truth of my colon. I mean, what a great way to spend an afternoon. I mean everyone has been to Machu Pichu and Ankor Wat but how many people have cruised around their intestines in 1080?


The road to ruin

Hai!! is the cry as we spot a reasonably sized polyp. The Swiss Army Knife thing is introduced and using the special polyp cutting tool, Yonamine sensei snips it off. The crowd go crazy.

DSC_0204 (1).jpg

Google Map. It is not easy to get around those bends.



Top right is before, a veritable polyp. Bottom right is after.  Polyp fragged. Return to base.

Anyway, as usual it is the best fun and what’s more, I do not have cancer.


This is the first ever selfie taken during a colonoscopy!


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4 Responses to Nobody Has Ever Done This

  1. Rosemary says:

    They have a new system here, no cleansing slime just 24hrs of white food absolutely no fruit ir veg, then 24hrs of just liquids and each night mega dose of good old fashioned sennacot. What a fuss, think the slime wins, at least you are sure you are squeeky clean. Which you now are, just shows it is worth doing. Excellent!!!!!

  2. zedmac says:

    Gosh, feel a super intimacy between us. Exciting! Of course realise am not alone. But still. xxxxx

  3. I would definitely go for slime. So much drama.

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