Holy Rapture, Batman

Much was planned for today. The voyage up the coast to photograph Terns has been clouding my judgement since I was informed that clouds of Roseate and Black Naped Terns arrived last Friday.

I spring from the futon early, only to recognize that the spell of the enchanted vial is still strong. Six hours on an open boat far from facilities could be  er, uncomfortable.

I abandon sailing and embrace diving. First dive of the year!  I stumble out over the low tide lagoon and lower my huge bulk into the embrace of deep water.


Still Life


Mummy little blue fish with lots of baby  little  blue fish. Click on the photos


Its amazing down here!


Pretty  fish


Calling out around the world.

It is wonderful to be underwater again. Just in front of my house is the epicenter of Bat Fish er, around here. They are rare.


It is incredible to get so close.


Holy wet cat in a tree Batman!


Can this be real?

Anyway, after that I went for a sail around the place.


The mast rises


I shake out the reef.


Winged chariot






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