Muhammad Ali

Yep, he was amazing. We watched all his fights on a black and white TV as a family. We all loved him. RIP compadre.

Wind misaligned for Tern Island.  Tides misaligned also. Who cares? The summer has just begun and sailing pleasure has just begun.


Here is one of my orchids.



There was the lowest tide of the year today, which had a major impact on sailing stuff. Late in the afternoon I get away.


Not much wind but very restorative.

It is a greyish evening and I do not expect much of a sunset, so I tie up to the mooring and swim home.

I now wish I had stayed out at sea.


Check the sun creeping out of the cloud.


You never know 




James gave me this many years ago. I love it. I have no time for mechanized tire bouchons


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