Iceland 2 England 1

Tough times for English folk. Conveniently, I call myself Scottish. This has consistently been a help in my peripatetic career. People like the Scots but generally do not like the English. Why is this?

Anyway, I have been neglecting Lady Sunset. She is so beautiful but after a while you get kinda immured to beauty. You no longer notice it. Big mistake.

All hail Lady Sunset! The last couple of days.







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4 Responses to Iceland 2 England 1

  1. calderi says:

    Today – One thinks of Uncle Alec

  2. If this is a Somme reference then I point out that Uncle Alec was wounded in 1918 in the Ludendorff Offensive. Or that’s what I had been led to believe.

    • Alan says:

      On Thursday evening Rosy was reading from source material she has obtained about Alec. I can’t remember what she said now – Barry was plying the wine manfully – but she’s the goto girl on this matter.

  3. calderi says:

    Gosh, I have always thought he was a Somme casualty, nothing seems to be the way it was.

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