It is Saturday so I go to the Fish Market at Toya.


Huge fish

That is enough of that. The guys have come to slash the undergrowth that has been encroaching steadily around the house. Sometimes it is difficult to get out of the front door.


Jungly stuff

During the proceedings my neighbor, Nagahama san, comes to chat. I notice that he is carrying a samurai sword. This is quite unusual on Okinawa. I try not to mention it but after some very rare mime patterns I understand that he wants me to come to his house to look at his Samurai armor.


Nagahama san in shinto moment

image3 (1).jpg

He lets me shoot his gun

So, I am not sure what to make of this.

Anyway, the guys slash energetically in the heat and humility.


There is a wall there that I have not seen for 3 years.


Yay new garden


Aregato gozaimasu!

DSC_0838 (1).jpg



I don’t like sponge cake


There is a typhoon hammering into Taiwan. We expect the wake tomorrow. Hence brooding feel to photo.


Where the snakes live.


I like my new garden.

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